Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Exclusive--Emerald Bound Deleted Scene!

One of my favorite things about buying a newly released movie is watching the deleted scenes at the end. I was so mad when they started making special “Rental Only” discs that only include the movie and none of the extras. To that end, I thought I’d share a deleted scene from Emerald Bound with you.

I really liked this scene and didn’t want to cut it, but during my read-throughs, I felt like the pacing was dragging in this section. The point had already been made that nobody remembered Kate after she disappeared and this scene was just reiterating that point. In this scene, Maggie goes to visit Kate’s mom, certain that her mom will remember her, even though no one else does.

After I cut the scene, the pacing improved, but I was sad to lose this little glimpse into the home of the woman who’d become like Maggie’s mom after her own mother died. And cutting Kate’s little brothers, Milo and Benny, out of the book was sad too.

Enjoy the scene!

When we pulled up to Kate’s house, my heart flipped inside my chest. Piper stayed in the car, playing Candy Crush on her phone, while I went up to the front door.
I typically wouldn’t have bothered knocking, but the door was locked. When Kate’s mom answered, she looked at me without a single ounce of familiarity and said, “Hello, can I help you?”
At once I knew what she was going to say, and I almost couldn’t bear to hear the words ‘Who’s Kate?’ one more time. The impulse to flee nearly carried me off the front porch, but I pressed on, knowing I at least needed to ask. I wouldn’t believe Kate was gone until I heard confirmation from her own mother’s lips.
“Hi, Mrs. Sands,” I began.
She peered at me closer through the screen door. “Do I know you, young lady?”
“Umm, yes. I’m Maggie Rhodes. I live a few streets over. I’m friends with your daughter, Kate. Is she here, by any chance? I really need to talk to her.”
I held my breath, waiting for her response.
“I’m sorry, dear. You must have the wrong house. I don’t have a daughter. Only two crazy boys.” She opened the door further to reveal an unusually messy house. Two little boys chased each other around the living room with pretend swords. I cried out as I recognized Milo and Benny. Kate’s little brothers must have just gotten home from their morning preschool class.
Mrs. Sands’ eyebrows knit together as she studied me. “Are you okay?”
I struggled to compose myself. “Yeah, I’m okay.” Fixing her with an intense final look, I asked, “So you really don’t know a Kate Sands?”
“Well, Sands is our last name. But no one named Kate lives here.” She hesitated. Just then a loud crash sounded behind her and she glanced over her shoulder. “I’m sorry, I have to go. Good luck tracking down your friend.” The door banged shut and she was gone.
I trudged back to the car, fighting back my tears. My last ray of hope was gone. I couldn’t believe Kate’s own mother had no memory of her.


  1. wow, when i was reading the book i was wondering where this scene was, I was pretty confused but this about sums it up

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