Friday, October 31, 2014

Zombie Stories

I belong to an awesome writing group. They're my friends, my critics, my supporters, and all sorts of other great things. I've grown so much as a writer because of these people. So I'm excited to announce that we've published an anthology together.

An anthology of zombie stories, which you can find here.

Now would be a good time to admit that I'm actually afraid of zombies, and I never, ever thought I'd be writing a story about them. But here we are. I really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and out of my genre to write this.

I have two stories in the anthology. The first is called "Are You My Mombie?" and is a zombified version of the children's book "Are You My Mother?" My second story is called "The Zombie Code" and explores what happens when a zombie breaks the unwritten (and well-hid from the humans) code of honor of its people.

My son made the following video to help promote the book:

Happy Halloween and happy reading!

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